Perth Private Facial Trauma Service


Referral Pathways

Urgent Cases

Call Perth Private Facial Trauma Service on our Emergency number: 1800 FIXJAW (1800 349 529) to speak with our dedicated Perth Private Facial Trauma Service nurse or surgeon.

Information Required

When calling Perth Private Facial Trauma Service, we request that you provide the following information to help us to prepare for your patient:

  • Patient’s name, DOB & contact mobile number
  • Description and cause of injury (location, mechanism, etc)
  • Information on whether any analgesics, AB or ADT have been administered and any other relevant medical history, ie drug allergies
  • Copies of any scans/x-rays undertaken
  • Referrer’s contact information
  • Patient’s employer and contact number (if workers compensation case)

Please complete a Perth Private Facial Trauma Service referral form electronically or by download and fax it to us on 08 9328 3007. Please also send this with the patient. The patient should also bring any x-rays or any other relevant information to the initial Perth Private Facial Trauma Service consultation. These can also be emailed in advance to

Non Urgent Cases

Please call our reception on 08 9328 3006 to arrange an appointment with one of our oral and maxillofacial surgeons.

Submit your referral

Select one of the two options below to submit your referral.

Download Referral PDF

Option 1
Download Referral Form PDF (445KB)

Email or Fax your information to the contact details provided on the form.


Option 2
Submit Referral Online

Click the link above to visit our Online Referral Form.